Joshua Davis  - May 14, 2020

A Letter From The Founder

TLDR; Bloom is an online platform where you can order fresh produce a la carte from local farms to your door. Bloom is first launching as a donation platform for service workers in need.


My name is Joshua Davis and I’m the founder of Bloom. Bloom is a DC-based platform where you can order fresh produce a la carte from local farms.

The idea came from my experience working as a line cook, where I learned that good cooking is nothing without real, fresh ingredients--and that you simply can't find those ingredients at your local grocery store.

The COVID-19 epidemic has left many Masters of the Culinary Dark Arts without a paycheck and without access to food - the very thing they live to provide. We think that's messed up.

So before opening up to the general public, we’re launching our platform so that out of work cooks, bartenders, and others can select their choice of fresh local produce, for free.

Huh?! How is this supposed to work?

With the help of your donations, we’ll give someone suffering from food insecurity $50 to buy local produce. 100% of donations go towards someone in need.

Now you're probably wondering...

Wait... What's your backstory?

I was a fat baby.

Over the years my love for eating quickly turned into a love for cooking, and eventually, I decided to test my hand in the kitchen. 

In August 2018, I walked into the kitchen of Oyamel, by Jose Andres (an upscale Mexican restaurant in DC) and asked for a job as a line cook. With zero prior experience, I was hired on the spot. 

Two weeks later, I began spending my nights and weekends in the kitchen. I was a Government Consultant by day and Line Cook by night; cooking up PowerPoint decks from 9AM-5PM and tacos from 7PM-2AM.

I worked and learned side by side the most loving, hard-working people I’d ever met. They took me into their family and taught me how to care for the people around you, how to operate with speed and efficiency, and how to make great food.

They taught me how to be a cook.

I left the kitchen with a burning desire to share my experience with others by expanding access to those real, fresh foods that we could only get in the restaurant. That burning desire is now Bloom.  

Bloom is shaking up the existing food supply chain by giving small and medium-sized farmers a seat at the bargaining table, and offering everyday people access to premium food at an affordable price.

As a first step, we’re taking a real stand, right now, by putting people in need before profits.

Donate to say thank you to the unsung heroes behind your last date night.

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