Our Story

The fruits and vegetables at your local grocery store take, an average, 10 to 11 days and travel 1500 miles to reach the shelf. During that time, the food we eat loses freshness and flavor.

 We partner with nearby farms so you can pick your choice of local produce from our online platform and have it delivered to your door. 

Our Mission

Bloom is committed to expanding access to real food. By connecting honest farmers with hungry people, we are building a community around a more sustainable, healthy, and delicious food system. 

Now, let's eat!


Save time

By skipping the trip to your local grocery store.
Still in bed?
Mid-Netflix binge?
Learning how to make sourdough... again?
Don't worry about it. We're 100% online and deliver to your door.

Save the Environment

We only work with farms that use sustainable practices. That means:
No pesticides
No flavor-less food

Taste the Difference

The food you're getting is traditionally limited to top restaurants.
Want to know the real reason why that mint julep made your mouth feel frostier than the snowman? 
(Hint: ocal-lay arms-fay)

Stay In Touch

We promise we won't ask you to join another video-chat.